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IV hydration therapy involves administering electrolyte enriched IV fluids directly into the patient’s bloodstream

IV therapies are administered by a healthcare professional (RN, NP, PA, MD) for a variety of different reasons, from dehydration to medical emergencies. IV therapy can also help address symptoms related to conditions like the cold, the flu, COVID-19, migraines, morning sickness and hangovers.

Intravenous (IV) hydration is a safe and fast way to provide your body with the nutrition it needs. Because IV hydration bypasses the digestive system, it is an effective way to deliver medications, vitamins, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This unique quality allows healthcare providers and wellness centers, such as Advanced Optimal Healthcare, to use IV hydration to restore your general health and wellbeing.

IV therapy is completely customized to your body. You get the perfect mix of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients that you need to feel your best. You can have hydration IV therapy that focuses on: Athletic recovery, Energy boosts, Hangover recovery, Headache/Migraine care, Immunity boosts, Skin/Hair care and Weight Loss.


FIGHTER (Immunity Booster) $150 The Fighter IV is crafted to replenish hydration loss and give your body an additional boost of B complex, B12, C & D vitamins and zinc to make you feel better from a COLD, the FLU or COVID. (Vit D is given as an IM shot) RE-ENERGIZE (Energy Booster) $125 The Energizer IV is a mixture of B vitamins and minerals crafted to increase your energy.
IMMUNIZER (Immunity Maintenance) $125 The Immunizer IV is a mixture of B vitamins, vitamin C and Zinc crafted to maintain your immune system. CLASSIC (Myer’s Cocktail) $150 The ORIGINAL IV! Myer's Cocktail, invented over a half century ago by John Myers, is a combination of vitamins B Complex, B12, C, Calcium, Folic Acid and Magnesium to improve and maintain your overall health.
GLOW (Hair, Skin, Nails) $175 The Glow is a mixture of B vitamins, vitamin C and Biotin crafted to strengthen and promote hair and nail growth as well as improve your overall skin health. ATHLETE (Perform & Recover) $175 The Athlete is crafted for athletes and fitness junkies to hydrate, decrease muscle fatigue, cramps and promote faster recovery with a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
LET IT BURN (Weight Loss) $200 Let It Burn IV is specifically crafted to help you lose weight with a combination of B & C vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a Lipo-C IM shot. LAST NIGHT (Hangover) $175 What can we say about Last Night? This IV combination of B vitamins, calcium and amino acids help you recuperate from all the fun you had.
OH MY HEAD (Headache/Migraine) $175 Suffer from daily headaches or Migraines? Oh My Head IV is crafted to help manage your headaches with a combination of B vitamins, magnesium, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea. BARIATRIC IV (Post Bariatric Surgery) $200 Micronutrient IV Therapy for patients who have had Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery to provide 100% absorption of the vitamins and minerals that are commonly deficient after surgery.
QUENCHER (Energy & Hydration) $175 The Quencher IV is a combination of B complex and C vitamins and a mineral blend that helps you rehydrate your body and combat fatigue by detoxifying your system, restoring essential vitamins, reducing inflammation and improving circulation. VITALITY (Energy & Detox) $200 The Vitality IV is a mixture of B complex, B12 and C vitamins with antioxidant Glutathione and Zinc crafted to protect against free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, boost immune system, detoxify, reduce cellular inflammation and increase energy.

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